Digital agency in Montevideo and Seville

At Parabola we offer a comprehensive service to give visibility to your ideas or projects on the web.

We are a digital agency with presence in the city of Montevideo (Uruguay) and Seville (Spain)

We are passionate about creating different content, adapting the web to your image and not the other way around. It is not news that most of the web portals nowadays look very similar, this is largely due to the use of templates or content managers in which your image adapts to what these tools offer.

If you are looking for something to stand out from your competition, you are in the right place.

Project and development manager

Gastón Curbelo

Marketing and Image Manager

María Rodríguez

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Our team of professionals trained at the University of Seville can offer you everything you need to position your brand on the web and on social networks, we can help you grow your brand or offer your products. Digital marketing strategies help you to generate new forms of marketing in digital media, to retain customers through social networks and to improve your positioning in the main search engines.

A consistent image can make customers remember and identify you easily, our team can help you create or renew the elements that make up your brand and get it to position itself in your sector. Working on the visual identity of a market allows all the elements to have coherence and reinforce the image of your brand. The name, logo, packaging, advertising elements, colors and more, all of this can help you convey the values of your brand and build customer loyalty.

Web development has become one of the main drivers of companies, ventures or brands, our team of professionals trained in universities such as the UPV and UDELAR can implement your ideas and take them to the web. Whether it is a static website, an e-commerce, or a management application for your business / company, our design team together with the programming team can make your website stand out and position itself.

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